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We Are Offering a Limited Number of Print Shops:

  • An Opportunity to earn $100,000+ This Year and Residually for Many years to come. This is the Perfect Side Hustle for any Print Shop!
  • Our Top Level Affiliate Position, a $5,000 Value, for only $149, to separate the serious from the curious. (NO Hidden Fees or Expenses.)
  • Fully Vested in Both our Opportunities;
    American Bill Money” & “Money Order Freedom
  • Ability to Promote both Opportunities to the general public nationwide via our proven postcard system or any marketing methods you may know.
  • Rights to Print Your Own “ABM” and “MOF” marketing materials from our supplied artwork.
    • There are basically two ways to distribute this material;
      • Direct Mail to different lists of opportunity seekers and buyers.
      • Distributing to the masses by handing it to them.
        • Simply pay a part-time person to hand out materials at busy intersections and events.
        • You could easily have 1,000 or more pieces distributed for you in just a few hours.
  • Personalized Website System (Capture Page and Sales Page) for “ABM” and “MOF“. Advertise these any way you like online or offline.
  • Every Prospect that responds to your marketing will be coded to you.
    We will then begin to Follow-Up with them by Phone, Text, Voice Mail, and Email. As soon as they take Action you will earn the corresponding commission to the Subscription of their choice.

AMERICAN BILL MONEY Referrals will Earn You:

  • $75 – $100 Residually Every Month for Each “Monthly” Referral, Plus Overrides.
  • $450 -$600 Every 6 Months for Each “6 Month Referral” Plus Overrides.
  • $900 – $1,200 Every 12 Months for Each “12 Month Referral” Plus Overrides.

MONEY ORDER FREEDOM Referrals will Earn You:

  • $2,000 Every Two Years for Each Referral
  • Plus $1,000 Overrides on Levels 2 & 3.
  • Notification by email of every “Opt-In” and Sale !
  • Ability to refer this Limited Partner Opportunity to other Print Shops to increase your earning potential even more through their advertising efforts!

Remember you Never have to speak to anyone, do any Selling and can Remain Completely Anonymous, as we do All the Follow-up and Sales.

You'll Love Working with Us.

American Bill Money was founded in 2003 and was created to provide ambitious adult Americans with a simple way to produce an ongoing residual income from the comfort of their home without having to speak to anyone, or do anything crazy. As you know Home Based Income Opportunities are in Demand Now more than ever.

Over the last 19 years we have grown tremendously and now help people all over America earn more money from home in their spare time. We’ve even produced a few Millionaires, yet we haven't even scratched the surface of the potential this opportunity can provide.

We are now the #1 Residual Income System in America and also have the Best Follow-Up System in our Industry as well.

We are currently branching out into several type of “Influencer” type platforms to help keep our lead in our Industry by Partnering with People like you !


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